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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ming, wisdom martin now with the news edge at 11:00. >> the edge begins with a controversial issue in virginia where existing abortion clinics will not have to meet the same tough construction standards as hospitals after all. the board of health today said the new get tough rules should only apply to new clinics. fox 5's audrey barnes joins us now in the newsroom with the news edge in virginia. >> this decision is viewed as major victory for abortion rights supporters. if the rules had gone through, they say up to 20 clinics that had applied for licenses to perform abortions in the state would have been forced to shut down. the new rules would have required existing abortion clinics to do things like expand the width of hallways, increase the size of operating rooms and provide covered entrances and more parking. the operator of a clinic in falls church said it would have cost up to $1 million to make those changes. critics of those costly requirements say they were
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meant to force abortion providers out of business. >> those regulations stipulate all kinds of facilities requirements that doctors had said repeatedly that were unnecessary for the health and safety of women. these regulations were really about politics. >> reporter: attorney general ken cuccinelli was backing the rules which also had the support of governor bob mcdonnell, but the virginia board of health ignored their rentals and voted against the most controversial of those proposals, the rules that were made will only apply to new clings seeking to operate in the state. -- clinics seeking to operate in the state. >> we're encouraged by the fact there was public outcry where virginians clearly said that they had overreached in terms of politicizing women's headlight. t. >> reporter: after the vote opponents of those regulations jumped to their feet and cheered. this debate isn't entirely over, though.
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other provisions are still on the table. we tried to reach the attorney general for comment today but were unsuccessful. >> thank you, audrey. another major decision today on a controversial subject, late this afternoon the nation's catholic hospitals rejected president obama's compromise on birth control. the new healthcare rules require religious institutions to provide contraception coverage, but the catholic health association says the got should broaden the exemption for religious employers or directly pay for the birth control coverage. it's a major change film desparation policy. president obama announced today the -- change in immigration policy. president obama announced today the got will stop deporting illegal immigrant children and stat providing work permits -- start providing work permits. this will affect 800,000 illegal immigrants who have lived in fear. the president said it's the right thing to do. >> they pledge allegiance to our flag.
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they are americans in their hearts in, their minds, in every single way but one, on paper. >> the president said he's acting because congress won't. congressional republicans were quick to criticize the president's actions saying it amounts to amnesty. it's a remarkable shift in the u.s. military culture. earlier today defense secretary leon panetta thanked gay and lesbian military members for their service. it is part of the military's recognition of gay pride month. fox's jennifer griffin has more. >> diversity is one of our greatest strengths. >> reporter: defense secretary leon panetta thanking gay and lesbian military members for service. the secretary issued a video message as the pentagon joins the rest of the u.s. government for the first time recognizing june as gay pride month. >> you faithfully served your country with professionalism and courage. just like your fellow service members, you put your country before yourself. >> reporter: this comes nine months after the repeal of the
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controversial don't ask don't tell policy took effect. under don't ask don't tell gay and lesbian troops could not reveal their orientation. if they did, they faced discharge. the policy forced more than 13,000 service members out of the u.s. military. >> the successful repeal of don't ask don't tell proved to the nation that just like country we defend, we share different backgrounds, different values, different beliefs. >> reporter: according to the secretary, military leaders have concluded the repeal is not affecting morale or readiness. >> i remain committed to removing as many barriers as possible to make america's military a model of equal opportunity to ensure all who are qualified can serve in america's military. >> reporter: meanwhile the pentagon announced its first gay pride event will be held june 26th. at the pentagon jennifer griffin, fox news.
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the news edge on maryland now, a vegas powerhouse could be coming to the national harbor. today developers announced they are gambling with mgm grand for a casino at the potomac waterfront. as fox 5's beth parker tells us, the move could raise the stakes for the state. >> reporter: this is the site, the spot that mgm wants to turn into a casino and resort, the beltway right over there, national harbor on the other side. side. they don't know quite what will rise from this empty lot, but in annapolis today the ceo of mgm resorts international promise. >> we're not going to drop las vegas in national harbor. >> reporter: jim moran says they would be sensitive to the environment and to east coast architecture. moran says his wife is from nearby baltimore. >> got a lot of family and friends there and no one likes crab cakes more than i do. >> reporter: right now a
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special commission is examining several issues including whether maryland should even hand out a sixth casino license. >> what is the appropriate level of split between the state and the operators? should we go to full table games or not and should we have -- can this plant absorb a sixth site or not and it's really putting these issues together that determine whether or not a sixth site would be economically viable. >> reporter: mgm and national harbor developers, the peterson companies, say they will commit $800 million toot project. >> if we're wanted -- to the project. >> if we're wanted, we're all in. >> reporter: national harbor was years in the making and the same will be true at this site, although it will go a little faster. still they need a license. if this process is approved, they will have one year of planning and at least two to leigh years of building.
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so you're looking at 20 -- three years of building. so you're looking at 2015 to 2016 for the earliest for this resort to open. maryland police say a montgomery county pilot died after a small plane crash in westminster around 10:30 this morning at the runway at carroll county regional airport. 64-year-old henry judkins rockville was the only person on board the single engine average it's believed judkins experienced mechanical troubles before the crash. the news edge on d.c. neighbors living near the eighth street corridor paid tribute today to a beloved deli owner who was shot and killed. a vigil was held outside the deli in northeast d.c. to remember the life of june lim. she was shot to death yesterday morning during an attempted robbery. no one has been arrested yet. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the person responsible. still to come on the news edge a lack of work or lack of
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ambition? researchers look at new stats as showing 14s are taking up summer jobs. >> -- fewer teens are taking up summer jobs. >> plus are you ready for another busy within in the district? metro is. the worst delays coming up. >> and check out some of the other stories on our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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every year a large pool of teenagers flood into the workplace for the summer, but it seems this year things have changed. there are significantly fewer youngsters getting a paycheck and according to new research, it could have more to do with a lack of ambition than available work. fox's brandon todd has more. >> reporter: while plenty of teenagers at hawaiian falls are cooling off, 15-year-old jackie reynolds is in the snack shop working. >> i'm out hire to raise money for my college -- here to raise money for my college fund, so when i graduate high school, can i go on and build my education. >> reporter: according to some new research, jackie is among the minority when it comes to kids his age. employment for 16 to 19-year- olds has fallen to its lowest level since world war ii and the reason may be more about
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choice. the u.s. bureau of labor statistics suggests teens are spending their summer in band or learning camps or other activities that directly involve college. >> i have friends that are in band camp for my school, some out here in summer camp. >> reporter: for those not seeking college the jobs typically taken by a teen are now filled by adults or immigrants seeking to get whatever job they can in a down economy. here at this water park management says the pool of teens wanting to work is actually up from last year. >> we've hired about 200 per park, so we have about four applicants per that one position in each park. >> reporter: it's on bucking the national trend. research shows more than 44% of teens who want summer jobs can't get them or work fewer hours than they want. so it makes summer workers like lina lucky compared to others her age. she started working here when she was 17. >> most of my friends are off having vacations and things like that. i know when we come back, i
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think i'm the only one that said i had about a week off total. >> that was fox's brendan todd reporting. there's new hope in the fight against hiv, shedding a light on texting teenagers and a metro advisory for riders in weekend. laura evans has your fox 5 top five. >> wisdom, the key to killing the hiv virus may be mom. no. 5, a new study shows human breast milk is successful in killing the hiv virus. researchers tested mice and found they did not become infected when given the virus in breast milk from women who weren't infected. that suggests it may be possible to isolate compounds in breast milk that destroy hiv and use them to combat the virus. no. 4, a new study shows more teens are sexting, that is sending and receiving sexually explicit photos on think cell phones. researchers found -- on their cell phones. researchers found even when minors understood the legal cons, many continued.
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no. 3 -- consequences, many continued. >> no. 3, bad news for the world economy. the u.s. only added 69000 jobs in june as the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.2%. no. 2, metro's new rush plus program starts monday. the goal? to improve rush hour on the orange, blue, green and yellow lines. some of the rail lines will change their routes. so heads up for the changes. extra employees will be around to help guide riders. no. 1 tonight, heads up if you're using metro this weekend. delays on the blue, orange, yellow and red lines buses will replace blue line trains between frankenia, springfield and van dorn. al -- franconia, springfield and van dorn. allow an extra 30 minutes there. that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> you know what? you can ask any farmer who grows fruit in our region and you'll likely hear the same
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complaint. the harvest has arrived early and that's because the warm winter we had. farmers say some of their fruit is ripening about a month ahead of schedule. at butler's orchard in jermantown strawberry season is already over. now it's on to the blueberries. >> these are very early this year. we're in blueberry season now. we picked our first two early varieties and we're waiting for the mid-season variety too ripen. things are progressing quickly. >> wade butler says cherries are ripe and going fast. the orchard is open throughout the weekend from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. >> of course, the weather's going to cooperate, right? >> yes. i was just by there the other day. a lot of folks, kids out of school and something to do and all that nice fresh blueberry, it's good. >> that's a good thing for the kid to do, get out and enjoy the -- kids to do gets out and
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enjoy the weather and see the nature and growth and all that stuff. >> that's what my kids are doing. get them working early. >> that's right. >> it's going to be a nice weekend all the way around. happy father's day to you, wisdom. >> happy father's day to you. >> to all the other fathers out there. it's my favorite weekend because it's u.s. open, so sunday i get to sit around and watch the u.s. open. everybody has to leave me alone. here are the numbers for us right now. temperature has cooled off a little more last hour. here in the city we were 71. now we're 73. numbers dropping in the suburbs, dulles down to 61, culpeper still sitting at 61, i i- 81 winchester temperatures in the low 60s. dulles 80, bwi 81 degrees, weekend looking just as nice. it's where we have been the last few days, talking lower
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80s, mid-60s for lows and a beautiful father's day. it looks like the low humidity will be with us on both saturday and sunday. if you're able to make it to the shore, i think all beach locations should be very nice. the water temperatures are coming up, up to 70 degrees now. it's going to be sunny all up and down the shore, 72 to 75 degrees. so, of course, by the water a little cooler and the wind will come off the water there. so again a little cooler in the ocean. if you're going to get in, watch out for the rip currents because with this easterly and northeasterly flow that we've had for several days now that tends to bring a lot of water onshore. it could become a bit of a problem with the rip current out there. just be careful and mindful of that. beautiful tonight, a couple high thin clouds drifting across but no problems whatsoever. i think we'll stay mostly fair all night long. high pressure builds in for the weekend and continues to stay with us for the weekend. so that means very nice
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conditions. here are the numbers dropping off tonight. out in our western suburbs wethe middle 50s, gaithersburg 57 degrees, frederick 56. here in town we'll go for a nice comfortable 63 degrees or so. over tomorrow afternoon again up into the lower 80s. i think it looks real nice north and west, temperatures anywhere from the upper 70s to the lower 80s. a little cooler over here by the water for leonardtown and annapolis. you folks along the bay should be cooler. listen, next week we'll heat up. we have a nice string of days that takes us through the weekend. you'll start to feel some humidity back on tuesday and wednesday spotty storm, temperature of 93 degrees and next week it looks like summer really does come back and the humidity will be with us, too. so enjoy the next few days. dave ross is in with sports. favorite weekend of the year, u.s. open time and, of course, the nats took on the yanks tonight, so a lot for dave to cover. this is the verizon 4g lte
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sports desk with dave ross. >> gary, you are so true. tonight was not your normal june baseball game at nats park because in town for the first of three the new york yankees, leaders of the american league east, winners of six straight, but your washington nationals had won six straight, too and they lead the nl east, so something had to give and it did. top of the 1st, a great catch and a bubble is blown by bryce harper. wisdom martin could do that when he was 19, no longer. bottom of the 3rd nat down 2-0. here -- nats down 2-0. nats cut the deficit in half. top of the 7th same score at this point 2-1 for derek jeter. going to roll this to ian desmond, but desmond's throw, that's going to get away. one run comes around, two runs come around and many more. the yankees win game one. 7-2. tomorrow the nats will try to get the equalizer.
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o's in atlanta and let's play judge and jury. top of the 5th j.j. hardy to center, but watch michael bourn. will he get there? he'll get there and roll it, give him a 9 for effort. later chip irjones bidding for base hit to right field -- chipper jones bidding for a base hit to right field, but the orioles not as good as atlanta. they lose 4-2. ey lose when we come back, el tigre on the prowl at united states open. this is a really slow swing because it's in slow motion but he was in fast motion. this course is tough. how did he do? stick around to find out. out a band. ♪ ♪ an old man shared some fish stories. ♪ ♪ ooh, my turn. ♪ ♪ she was in paris
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welcome back. we knew the u.s. open this week at an olympic club in san francisco would be tough, but i don't think many thought it would be this tough. so far you ask the 156 golfers who are playing and who are winning? they'd answer the course is winning. jim furyk no. 3 putting off the green going to get this to drop, 1-under after a 1-under 69 tied for the lead. pretty good. how about rory mcilroy? last year he won the u.s. open right here at congressional. this year forget about it. finished at 10-over done for the weekend. tiger woods held the lead at 2- under par. then he faltered, not here, birdie 10, brought him back to even. we puts the putter up, you know it's in. how about bo hostler finished
11:24 pm
at 3-7, four off the lead. phil mickelson needed this tester on 18, a slider downhill. could he get it to go? oh, he did. lefty grinds it out. he will make it for the weekend. so back to tying ir. one hole earlier on 7 -- tiger, one hole earlier on 17. he hits his approach into the sun, can't really see it. i think he likes it because it went in short of the green bounces up like you're supposed to, do but wait. the ball keeps going and going and going. oh, no, no. it's not going down -- yes, it is. there it goes. it's heading for hawaii it. would eventually stop. tiger would eventually somehow get up and down from there. he's 1-under and shares the lead with furyk and david thames and the ball comes to a rest. the wizards working out some prospective players in advance of the draft. michael gilchrest from kentucky was here today and austin rivers, the 19-year-old son of
11:25 pm
celtics coach doc rivers. last year as a freshman at duke averaged 15.4 point per game. today he was asked how this workout compared to others. >> this was tough. i loved it. the thing is a lot of guys complain about doing a lot of workouts, but i think you get better doing all this different stuff, especially today. it was great. all these good players, it was pretty fun and they go hard and compete at them. it was really fun. i learned a lot. today i got better. one other score, mystics defeated the fever 67-66 to improve to 2-5 on the young season. tomorrow at nats park 1:05 start time for the nats and the yanks. stick around, wisdom martin back to wrap up the edge in a moment. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. r phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me.
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taking the edge off tonight with some homework. you see, an illinois girl got some help with her statistics work from chicago bears cornerback charles peanut tillman. casey britain said it was perfect timing. the nfl player came to her father's store just as she began working on a word problem questioning the probability of a chicago bears win over the packers. casey said she only asked for an autograph but peanut tillman did more than that. you see, he wrote a note back to her teacher asking him to never question the probability of the bears winning ever again. casey's grade, an a and no homework for the rest of the week. now you have the news edge.
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